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The problem is that these days there is so much information and fad-diets out there that people have been left feeling totally confused what the right thing to do is!

Maintaining the right body weight and feeling healthy on the inside and out is achievable to everyone when they understand what they should be eating and how to balance their lifestyle.

Milly's Health Movement helps men and women understand the real reasons their overweight or not achieving optimal health and then supports them in reaching their goals with individualised meal plans and ongoing health coaching. We cut to the chase, by breaking through all the confusion and providing fundamental dietary principles using real whole foods.

Milly Bibby works closely with our clients using a holistic approach that helps them break through the things that have been holding them back and make positive changes to their diet, nutrition, lifestyle and personal mindset. Milly is a leading expert in weight loss and holds extensive qualifications in nutrition including a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition, a Graduate Diploma of Nutrition and a Masters in Nutrition.

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Milly’s Fasting Protocol

Fasting is not a new concept; humans have fasted for most of history, whether it’s during an overnight period, longer periods of food scarcity or for religious reasons. What’s new is the resent clinical research on the benefits of fasting for health and longevity. Studies show that fasting is beneficial to overall health (when done […]

Best Alcohol for Weight Loss?

Best Alcohol for Weight Loss? Want to know what the best alcohol is to drink whilst losing weight? Watch this video! 🙂 Posted by Milly Bibby I Nutritionist & Weight Loss Expert on Saturday, March 19, 2016